New Flooring Ideas For Old Rooms

There is nothing else like real wood flooring and its transforming power. In fact, real wood floors can turn to a such a statement piece of your house, the focal point of every room, this is why we consider them as the perfect way to make any old room of the house look amazing, add a lot of character and attractiveness to space, and ensure a long-lasting functionality and comfort. There is no doubt that real wood floors are such a beautiful addition to any space, attracting the attention of everyone and, pretty much, leaving the rest of the room and its interior at the back, which is great, when you have an old room you want to give an upgrade, but without investing a little fortune.

So here are some wood flooring ideas and recommendations that will transform the old rooms in your house:

The Attic

Laminate Flooring in Orange Living Room

An unfinished attic is a real treasure and if you have one – you are definitely a lucky one! You can do so much with an unfinished attic and add some extra living or storage space to your home. And who on Earth don’t want and need some extra space to their house, right? So if your attic is a project waiting for you to start it for the longest time, now is the right time to consider finally undertaking this project. You can turn your old attic into a convenient and beautiful living space and the perfect flooring option for this well-forgotten space of your home is definitely wood.

When it comes to the majority of the attics, the common flooring you will find there is just a layer of plywood, which is definitely not attractive or convenient but makes a perfect base for having wood floorboards installed on top of it. Whenever you go for a wooden floor for your attic, make sure to choose the engineered wood floor option, which allows you to have the floor installed in many different ways, according to the one that best fits the specifics of the space. In addition, engineered wood, when compared to solid wood floors, is significantly less sensitive to changes in its environment such as moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations, which pretty much means you don’t have to deal with common wood floor issues. Alternatively, bamboo flooring is recently increasing in popularity and is a very suitable option for attics. Bamboo is a breathable material, not trapping moisture too, easy to maintain and keep clean, it can make for a very unique floor design, and it costs less than real wood. Furthermore, bamboo floors are eco-friendly, easy to install. Whenever you are choosing a floor for your attic, just make sure to have a soundproof insulation layer installed first for reducing the tapping noise.

The Bedroom

When thinking of a bedroom’s flooring, most of us would think of carpet first. Well, carpet is a good choice for a bedroom since it ensures a lot of cosiness and warmth. However, there is no doubt you will start hating it soon or later. First of all, carpets are not easy to maintain and keep clean and can be a lot of hassle and fuss. In addition, carpets are not that hard-wearing and long-lasting and to be honest, they are not that stylish too. So if you want to add some character and style to your bedroom and still enjoy a lot of functionality and that great atmosphere of cosiness and warmth, wood floors can be as inviting and even more. Real wood flooring is, indeed, the perfect flooring option for anyone – you, your kids, your guests.

You can play around with styles, colours, patterns, and more choose the wood floor that allows you to best express your style and match your interior design, go more classic or more creative, it is all up to you and what you desire considering the impressive variety of real wood floors available on the market. Working as a simple backdrop of your bathroom or a statement piece of the room depending on your desires, real wood flooring is simply unbeatable in terms of appearance. We highly recommend you considering investing in solid wood flooring that will elevate the look of the entire room and make it appear more luxurious and expensive. In addition, the bedroom is the perfect place for solid wood flooring with little to no moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations.

The Bathroom 

When it comes to the bathroom and choosing a floor for this part of the house, the first thing coming to your mind is something that is highly resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. This is why wood flooring is usually something you don’t think of, because you’ve heard that wood contracts and expands due to moisture and humidity and can get heavily damaged. However, did you consider engineered wood flooring? That is right, you can enjoy the beauty of real wood in your bathroom and add a lot of atmosphere and character to thing often neglected in terms of the interior design part of the room without worrying for floor issues and problems. Thanks to the specific structure of engineered wood that is made out of layers of plywood and softwood glued together crisscrossed and then topped with a thick layer of timber wood called lamella, engineered wood is a perfect choice for bathrooms and significantly less sensitive to moisture issues.

The Living Room

When thinking of your living room, this is one of the first places in the house you will be willing to invest more money into for a high-quality and beautiful floor. At the end of the day, this is the room that represents you and your house to your guests and visitors, it is also a place, where you spend so much time. Considering your living room is a high traffic area, you would like to invest in a floor that is very durable, lasting, hard-wearing, functional, and comfortable.

However, when choosing a floor for your living room, it does not necessarily cost you a little fortune. While solid wood flooring is a common choice that creates a very welcoming atmosphere, we also recommend you considering laminate as a low-budget and cost-effective option. Besides being a very good alternative to real wood flooring and imitating its beauty and character when you are not willing to spend a lot of money for a new floor, laminate is also very easy to maintain and keep clean. However, keep in mind that laminate is not as durable and usually you will get a manufacturer’s warranty at up to 30 years. Cork is another trendy and amazing material for living room floors that can create the same atmosphere as real wood but also costs significantly less. Cork is also an eco-friendly option and is water and fire-resistant, sustainable, very durable, and has natural insulation properties, which means your living room will be warm and cosy in the winter months and you will be able to enjoy lower heating bills.

The Kitchen

A kitchen is a specific place of the house that requires a bit of consideration when you are choosing the right floor. First of all, you want a floor that is very durable, lasting, and can withstand the high traffic and heavy footfall that the usual kitchen space gets. Furthermore, some specifics of the kitchen’s environment can affect the condition and appearance of the floor and make it struggle with wear and tear much sooner than expected. For example, real wood floors are not a good choice due to the risk of moisture and humidity issues, temperature fluctuations also making the floorboards to contracts and expand. This is why, once again, engineered wood floors are a great option. The best part is that engineered wood flooring is not only very durable and resistant to water damages, but also come in a great variety of styles, colours, textures, and patterns, and you can always find the right match to the design and style of your kitchen.