Deep Cleaning of Sports & Commercial Wood Floors

Deep cleaning of sports and commercial wood floorsReal wood floors are beautiful, stylish, and look luxurious no matter where installed. Wood floors are suitable for both commercial and domestic settings and can give every space and room a touch of elegance, natural beauty, sophisticated. When installed in your home, wood floors significantly increase its value and work as the perfect statement pieces of every room and interior. Installed in commercial premises, wood floors ensure amazing durability, hard-wearing and long-lasting power, distinctive style and character, comfort and functionality.

However, many people are still in hesitation when it comes to investing in real wood floors in commercial premises and areas that are a subject of high traffic, heavy footfall, extensive everyday use. It is easy to understand why. Real wood floors are quite an investment. Despite the fact that all wood floors pay off every penny you invest into purchasing them because they last for decades and can look like brand-new even after many years of everyday use, people are still afraid that the commercial level of use and the really high traffic can cause some significant issues and imperfections to these floors.

Especially when it comes to commercial uses such as sports floors, wood floors installed in restaurants, schools, bars, etc., there is always this fear of premature wear and tear. Well, wood floors can really get damaged and distressed. Accidents happen and sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent them. However, in the case with wood floors, these amazing hard surfaces can be sanded and refinished up to six times in their lifetime in order to bring them back to their initial beauty and durability. However, professional wood floor sanding and refinishing services, despite being very beneficial, also mean some level of stress and disruption to work in the commercial premises and spaces.

Worry not, because you even don’t have to go for sanding and refinishing, there is always an easier solution. Regular and proper commercial wood floor cleaning and care are all you need in order to maintain the sports and commercial wood floor in perfect condition. The base of every efficient maintenance routine is the products and tools you use. Today we share with you a few examples of high-quality commercial wood floor maintenance and cleaning products from some of the best world-renowned companies.

Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus

Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus 5LOne more product from Bona’s line of maintenance products for sports and commercial floors, Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus is a concentrated and powerful alkaline detergent designed for occasional use. Since its extra efficient and powerful formula that removes the most stubborn and heavy dirt, the build-up of body fats from sweat and other contaminants, Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus is not recommended for everyday use, but only for really deep cleaning. One more additional advantage of applying Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus is the fact you will be able to restore the slip resistance of the floor that has been worn out over time, which is extremely important for sports floors in particular. The product is also effective at removing black heel and scuff marks.

Blanchon Powerful Cleaner

Blanchon Powerful Cleaner 1LBlanchon Powerful Cleaner is the perfect deep-cleaning and care product for oiled wood floors. The powerful and effective formula of the product is gentle enough to wood and the finish, but aggressive and powerful enough to remove even heavy dirt, stubborn stains, greasy smudges, and black marks left by footwear. Using the product is easy and results are flawless with almost no strong smell. Dilute the product in water, apply the solution to the surface of the floor with a mop or a microfiber cloth, allow it to dry out for several minutes and then collect all the residue and dirt with a vacuum.

Sugar Soap Liquid by Everbuild

Sugar Soap Liquid 1LEverbuild comes up with a unique cleaning product designed for spot cleaning of the most stubborn stains and marks. Sugar Soap Liquid is a concentrated solution that effectively removes grease, grime, and nicotine stains from different surfaces including wooden floors thanks to its innovative and powerful formula. The product by Everbuild should be mixed with water before use and applied with a mop or microfiber cloth. It is suitable for everyday use and works on most types of painted and finished surfaces. Despite being very powerful, Sugar Soap Liquid is safe to use and can also be used around the house for all sorts of surfaces.

LobaCare Sport Care

Lobacare Sport Care 1LLobaCare Sport Care is an aqueous product that is developed to take care and thoroughly clean finished wood floors in commercial settings. The water-based product comes with an innovative and very powerful formula that removes with ease stubborn dirt, stains, and marks.

LobaCare Sport Care is especially suitable for sports and commercial floors because it has exceptional anti-slip properties and adds a beautiful sheen without polishing the floor and making it slippery. The product forms an additional protective layer on the top of the wooden floor and protects it from scratches, stains, and marks.

Bona Sportive Cleaner

Bona Sportive Cleaner 5LBona Sportive Cleaner is specially designed for deep cleaning and regular care for sports and commercial floors that can be a subject of a lot of dirt build-up, heavy dirt, some imperfections like scratches, etc. in a result of high level of active use. The product is concentrated, slightly alkaline detergent for finished wood floors of all types. Using this product is easy and its powerful formula removes all the dirt and grime from the wooden floor.