How to Choose the Right Stain for Your Hardwood Floor

Top tips on choosing the right floor stainOne of the most common changes people consider for their hardwood floors is transforming the natural colour of the floor or enhancing it with the help of a wood floor stain. Naturally, people may get tired of the same old look of the floor they own for already decades and they will want a drastic change. In fact, wood floor staining does not only offer thousands of opportunities to completely change the way an old and tired floor looks. The treatment can also ensure more intensity and richness of the natural colour of the floor. So if you are wondering if you should change the colour of your floor, what to expect from wood floor staining, how to prepare for a professional floor staining service, what colour to choose, and a bunch of more questions wandering your mind when thinking of some improvements of your favourite wooden floor, here are your common questions answered.

What to Consider When Staining Your Floor

What to consider when staining your floorWood floor staining is not a decision you should take light-headed. It worth some consideration of all aspects of the process and why you want it. First things first, the choice of staining the floor is important, because at the end it will have a really major impact on the way the floor looks in general, as well as the entire atmosphere of the room. Indeed, you will live with your colour choice for a long time, since changing the colour of the floor is not something you will be willing to do the next week if you are not happy with the final result. Therefore, we highly recommend you to not choose a colour simply because it is trendy.

Trends come and go, but you better go for a classic that will remain for a long time. It is pretty expensive and definitely time-consuming to redo the stain again, therefore, always take your time to consider the exact colour you would enjoy for a long period of time. Additionally, there are simply hundreds of colours and choices you can opt for. The choice is really overwhelming. For example, you can opt for something dramatic and exotic such as Morrells Light Fast Stain Natural Mahogany, or something classic such as Morrells Light Fast Stain Walnut

However, choosing the best colour that will bring you joy and pleasure for a long time is not impossible. All you need to do is asking yourself the right questions and considering all the answers. Check out all the questions below that will help you make the right choice and select the perfect stain for your home or office.

Can I Stain My Floor?

When it comes to wood floors and their colour, you can either choose to keep the natural colour of the floor or change it completely. Some floors and some wood species are really good for staining, while others are not that good. In general, the denser the wood species is, the harder it will be for the stain to soak into the wood's structure and to provide a uniform and even coverage. For example, exotic wood species such as mahogany, cherry, walnut, or maple have a naturally denser structure and are not the best for staining the floor. In fact, it is even rare to find someone wanting to change the colour of these wood species, because they are naturally beautiful and many people want to actually achieve these colours for their floors of more common wood species, such as oak. Therefore, you can find wood floors stains such as Morrells Light Fast Stain in Red, Bona Mix Colour Walnut, or Morrells Light Fast Stain in Plum Mahogany. 

While exotic wood species are better left unstained, some more common and domestic wood species such as red or white oak can be definitely stained and you can achieve a pretty interesting and beautiful final result. Therefore, you can opt for some more interesting effects, for example, Bona Mix Colour in Black and Bona Create Stain in Ice or go for something more classic such as Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent in Wenge and Morrells Light Fast Stain in Dark Oak.

What Wood Floor Stain Colour Should I Choose?

What wood floor stain colour should I choose?Choosing the colour that will best suit your floor and the overall atmosphere of the room along with meeting your expectations and requirements could be at least overwhelming if not challenging. With so many different manufacturers and brands offering so many different colours and shades, the choice is impressive, to say the least. Therefore, the main thing you want to consider that will help you narrow down your choice is what is the decorative style you already have for your interior or want to achieve. The overall interior style will definitely help you determine the right colours and shades that will best suit your style and the atmosphere of the room. Having a special taste in interior designs is a huge help in deciding the right colour of the wood floor stain you are going to invest in. 

For example, if your interior is more minimalistic and you are enjoying the Scandinavian design trend that is driving everyone crazy right now and you can spot in every interior design magazine, you can definitely go for something really simple and effortless such as Morrells Light Fast Stain Light Oak. A more classic and traditional interior will require mid-brown shades of wood, therefore Morrells Touch-Up Dye In Teak may be a perfect choice. For a more contemporary and modern style, you can opt for Blanchon Aquateinte PU Waterbased Stain Pearl Grey. Vintage-inspired and farmhouse style interiors will be complemented by Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent in Distressed Oak.