Top Wood Floor Lacquer Picks – The Experts’ Opinion

Top wood floor lacquer picksWood floors require additional protection in order to look brand-new and to decrease the risk of major issues and permanent imperfections for a long time. Of course, this type of protection for your real wood floor is provided by some kind of wood floor finish or sealant. The main concept of a wood floor finish is to protect the floor from all sorts of accidents like scratches, dents, marks, and stains, to preserve its natural colour, texture, and beauty, to decrease the impact of humidity, increased moisture content, temperature fluctuations, to prevent early signs of wear and tear due to high traffic.

A wood floor finish can also visually enhance the natural beauty of wood or completely change the way your floor looks, transforming its natural colour, adding a new texture, glossy or completely matte effect, new undertones and more intensive colour. Wood floor finishes come in different types and wood floor lacquer is just one of the many offers on the market, probably among the most popular ones. A wood floor lacquer comes with all the benefits a wood floor finish can offer.

This type of wood floor sealant provides the floor with great durability, efficient protection, long-lasting effect. The way the wood floor lacquer will differ from the rest of the finishes available on the market is the hard-wearing and extra-durable clear layer it creates on the surface of the bare wood that not only helps the floor withstand a lot of potential issues and problems but also enhances the natural beauty of the wood species.

Despite its beauty as a wood floor finish, keep in mind that wood floor lacquers are among the sealants that require the most upkeep and maintenance in order to look flawless for a long period of time. This type of finish is not very forgetting and especially if you choose a glossy lacquer option, it won't be very good at camouflaging all sorts of scratches and other imperfections on the surface. However, if you choose this type of finish for areas of the floor that does not experience a lot of high traffic and for households and settings that are not that busy, you will enjoy its attractiveness and elegant beauty for sure.

In case a wood floor lacquer finish is your top choice, make sure to check out this comprehensive list of top wood floor lacquer picks our experts and professionals have collected for you.

Junckers HP Commercial Varnish

Junckers HP Commercial VarnishLet's start this list with one extra durable and hard-wearing floor lacquer option provided by Junckers - their Junckers HP Commercial Varnish. This varnish is so strong and durable, specially designed for wood floors that tend to experience a very high level of traffic, heavy footfall, and generally busy commercial areas.

Junckers HP Commercial Varnish is a two-component, water-based, polyurethane lacquer that is perfectly suitable for surface treatment of untreated and sanded wood floors in high-traffic commercial areas but can be also perfectly used for domestic settings too. The product comes with no colour once it is dry and has a very low odour. The lacquer dries fast and you can use the floor after eight hours. 

Bona Traffic HD Anti Slip Varnish

Bona Traffic HD Anti-slip VarnishOne more two-component and polyurethane wood floor lacquer option, this one comes from one of the most popular brands in the industry - Bona. Bona Traffic HD Anti Slip Varnish is designed for both domestic and commercial wood floors. The product is the perfect solution for commercial wood flooring in particular because it ensures unbeatable durability and strength and the benefit of its anti-slip properties in addition.

The slip-resistance this product ensures makes Bona Traffic HD Anti Slip a great choice for workplaces and other areas with an increased risk of wet spills, such as the kitchen and the bathroom when it comes to a domestic setting. The product requires a simple level of maintenance and ensures invisible but very lasting and hard-wearing protection. Among the other advantages of this varnish are the superb wear and chemical resistance, the high scuff mark resistance, the excellent adhesion properties, the fact it is non-yellowing. 

Bona Mega Varnish

Bona Mega VarnishBona Mega Varnish is a one-component, polyurethane wood floor lacquer designed for surface treatment of domestic and commercial real wood floors that are a subject of wear and tear, a lot of use and high traffic. Despite being a one-component product, Bona Mega Varnish comes with all the advantages and benefits of a two-component one thanks to crosslinking.

Due to that, the product still gives a deep and rich colouration of the wooden floor similarly to a solvent-based wood floor finish. The finish is very easy to use and apply and dries quickly. It has a high resistance to wear, scuff marks, scratches, and chemicals plus additional slip resistance properties.

Morrells Induro Anti-Bacterial Waterbased Varnish

Morrells Induro Anti-bacterial Waterbased VarnishWhenever you are looking for a high-quality, fast-drying, long-lasting and durable wood floor finish, our next offer comes from Morrells and the company's Morrells Induro Anti-Bacterial Waterbased Varnish. The product comes with excellent clarity and non-yellowing properties. Using the product is easy and the application is smooth with flawless coverage.

The product can be used directly from the tin. The wood floor lacquer by Morrells is resistant to abrasion, scuffs, spillage. Suitable for light to medium traffic domestic and commercial areas.

Junckers ProTech Varnish

Junckers Protech VarnishWith its amazing and innovative formula, this product wood floor varnish by Junckers ensures great performance, environmental care, the amazing appearance of real wood floors. With the hard-wearing and long-lasting clear surface layer Junckers ProTech Varnish ensures, you can enjoy a beautiful and durable floor for years along with great protection of untreated and sanded real wood floors. 

Loba Fusion Lacquer

Loba Fusion LacquerYou can get the highest durability and hard-wearing power available on the market for your wooden floor thanks to Loba Fusion Lacquer.

The product ensures not just extremely high resistance and extra durable and lasting protection but also enhances the natural beauty of every wooden floor and wood species. The product is available in a kit with a hardener.

Loba Viva Lacquer

Loba Viva LacquerA versatile, one-component finish for real wood floors. Loba Viva Lacquer ensures amazing chemical resistance and rubber burn resistance. It is a great product for application on floors in domestic and commercial settings, suitable for medium to high traffic areas. 

Bona Wave Finish

Bona Wave FinishOne more offer available by the world-renowned wood floor product leader Bona, Bona Wave Finish is a premium-quality, two-component, waterbased wood floor finish suitable for domestic settings and commercial, high-traffic areas.

It contains very low VOC but thanks to its innovative and powerful formula provide a durable and hard-wearing surface that is made to last for decades. The product is a very low odour and has non-yellowing properties.