Wood Floor Lacquers – All the Options You Have

A wood floor lacquer is a great finish for your favourite wooden floor. Known as one of the most durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting finish options available on the market, a wood floor lacquer creates a clear layer on top of the floor and ensures amazing durability and protection plus resistance to a list of minor imperfections for many years. Despite being very durable and hard-wearing, which also makes it a perfect choice for commercial settings too, a wood floor lacquer also enhances the natural beauty of wood and amplifies the prettiness of the natural colour, pattern, and grain of wood species.

Wood floor lacquers are available in a few different options and each one of them adds a different effect and transforms the wood's texture in a different way. It is easy to find the exact one that perfectly matches not only your interior and the atmosphere and overall effect you are going for but also the one that perfectly fits your needs and the lifestyle of your household. All you need is to know more about the different types of wood floor lacquers and the specifics each one of them comes with. Here is a helpful guide for you.

Wood Floor Lacquer in Gloss Finish

Morrells Induro Anti-Bacterial Waterbased Varnish GlossWhen speaking of lacquer finish, the majority of people envision exactly the elegant beauty of a high gloss finish. The glossy and shiny effect has turned into an iconic and even emblematic type of appearance for this type of wood floor finish. A glossy wood floor lacquer is the one type that reflects light the most and creates a very shiny and elegant surface of the floor that cannot be left unnoticed. Classic and beautiful, a glossy wood floor lacquer perfectly matches all sorts of settings thanks to its effortless beauty and classic elegance.

However, keep in mind that this is the type of lacquer finish that requires the most upkeep and in-depth maintenance. High-gloss wood floor lacquers are not particularly good at camouflaging even the finest scratches and minor imperfections. Therefore, if you are choosing a varnish for a commercial setting, a high-traffic area, or a busy household with young children and pets, we definitely recommend you to have a look at other wood floor lacquer finishes available. However, when it comes to low traffic areas, choose this classic option. For a glossy finish, we recommend you purchasing Morrells Induro Anti-Bacterial Waterbased Varnish Gloss

Wood Floor Lacquer in Semi-Gloss Finish

Loba Viva Lacquer Semi-GlossA semi-gloss lacquer finish is still one that looks very elegant and stylish because it reflects the light. However, it is not as reflective as a high gloss finish which makes it a lot easier to maintain and keep it looking great for a long time. However, keep in mind that the semi-gloss finish will still not be that good at camouflaging scratches, marks, and other similar imperfections. Choose this type of lacquer finish for low traffic areas and domestic settings, including the bedroom, the living room, dining room, etc. In case you want to opt for a semi-gloss finish, make sure to have a look at Loba Viva Lacquer Semi-Gloss

Wood Floor Lacquer in Silk Matte/Satin Finish

Bona Wave Silk MattA satin or silk matte lacquer finish is the perfect solution for normally-frequented areas of your home and office. This level of the sheen of a lacquer finish offers the best from both worlds - it offers enough shine to make the floor look very attractive and elegant, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood species.

At the same time, a silk matter or satin effect of a lacquer finish means the floor won't reflect light to such an extent as the previous two levels of shine mentioned above, therefore it won't show scratches and other smaller imperfections on the surface that much and will be easier to maintain in good condition for a long time. Here is an offer you don't want to miss checking out - Bona Wave Silk Matt

Wood Floor Lacquer in Matte Finish

Bona Mega One Matt VarnishThe matte effect of a wood floor lacquer finish is among the most common choices, especially when it comes to areas of higher traffic, heavy footfall, that is exposed on potential risks of accidents, imperfections, issues. A matte finish is significantly better than the rest of the options at camouflaging all the smaller imperfections on the surface of the floor, which means the floor won't start looking too worn, tired, and aged too soon.

In addition, a matte finish gains more and more popularity in recent years due to its specific and contemporary look that complements a lot of interiors and styles. A matte finish gives the floor a very natural and organic look and it is easy to maintain. Choose a matte lacquer finish for areas of your home or workspace that experience more high traffic and overall use. A great matte lacquer finish offer comes from Bona Mega One Matt Varnish

Wood Floor Lacquer in Ultra Matte Finish

Blanchon Initial Ultra MattAn ultra-matte lacquer finish is the last on the sheen spectrum, the lacquer finish that reflects light the least. It also adds a lot of character and personality to a wooden floor, giving it a specific look that can make the floor turn into the statement piece of every room.

However, many people do not like an ultra-matte lacquer finish because it tends to give the floor a bit of a dull and unclear look. Still, if you are a fan of the look and appearance of an ultra-matte lacquer finish, make sure to check out this offer - Blanchon Initial Ultra Matt